The mission of Tri-County Youth Services Bureau is to provide a respectful and compassionate atmosphere for youth and their families in Southern Maryland to learn through educational and counseling services how to communicate more creatively and how to more effectively understand and promote the values which are unique to each family.


Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, Inc. believes that:

• Opportunities must be provided for all families to grow and become more self-sufficient.

• A highly skilled and diverse staff is vital to meet the needs of a diverse population.

• All families should have equal access to educational and mental health services.

• Effective parenting is crucial to children’s success.

• Interagency collaboration is a vital aspect in the development of a responsive, effective service delivery system.

• All individuals have strengths and dignity, and deserve to be treated with respect.


Tri County Youth Services Bureau, Inc. is a model agency with a highly qualified , diverse staff and Board, dedicated to providing contemporary, accessible services to youth and their families in Southern Maryland; empowering families to define and achieve their goals more effectively.