The Victim Awareness Education Program (VAEP) is a 6-week curriculum designed to help its members develop an awareness of how their actions impact others.

it assist members in evaluating and assessing how their behavior(s) have changed since the incident occurred, and it assists members in determining tasks that they can perform to make restitution for their actions.

How can they make things right? In addition to the set curriculum the facilitators engage the youth in activities, which encourage the use of the local papers to read about other crimes or incidents within the three counties, and to discuss the impact of these crimes.

The group members are also engaged in conversations with community members who volunteer their time to speak with the youth about how they were impacted by a crime, as either the victim or the perpetrator. The group members also have a restorative circle conversation about their incidents and what steps should be taken to make things right.


Allison James, LGPC, C.A.S

Clinical/Youth Development Interventionist

Charles County

VICTIM AWARENESS: Youth who have offended others will explore the impact of their actions and how they could make a positive contribution to their community

Mondays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

March 13th – April 17th