March is National Social Work Month with the theme: Forging Solutions Out Of Challenges. The heart of social work is problem solving, and social workers are well equipped to be change agents: in our homes, our personal lives, our place of work, in our communities, and in the world. What a wonderful opportunity with which we have been blessed!


Let us pause for a moment and celebrate our accomplishments, celebrate each other, and celebrate the people whose lives we touch. We will continue to explore confusions and controversies. We will continue to rise to the challenge of practicing within an ever-changing political, social, and economic context that affects our practice and our clients. As our field continues to evolve, let us embrace its dynamic nature, and give the best of who we are. The world awaits in hunger for our touch – Mother Teresa.


A special thanks to the staff at Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, who on a daily basis, share their own uniqueness while serving the children, youth and families of Southern Maryland. We honor those who have chosen this field, dedicating themselves to a life of service, ensuring that all people rise above their challenges.