TCYSB has a Counselor in every Charles County Elementary and Middle School to address behavioral, social and mental health needs of the students in order to ensure academic success. The program includes group, individual and family counseling during school hours as well as behavioral support to staff. The goal is to reduce behavioral disruptions, increase pro-social behaivors and address any unmet Mental Health Need. There is no cost to parents for services.

Topics addressed in individual counseling can include: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Poor Social Skills, Trauma, Anger Management, Self-Esteem and Behavioral Concerns.

Counseling groups are help children address concerns in a small group. Groups include children going through a parental divorce, grief, and challenging changes. Anger Management, Social Skills, Decision Making Skills, Self-Esteem and Managing Emotions are just a few of the other counseling groups offered.

Contact Treeci Bond, School-Based Supervisor at Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, Inc 301-645-1837 or for further information or to sign-up