Parent Coaching Workshops Every Thursday 7-8pm

 10/8/15  Bullying: A Guide for Parents

Presenter: Katrina Ciesielczyk

This workshop will provide information about the various types of bullying and the resulting effects on children.  Parents will also learn ways to intervene when their child is affected by bullying.


10/15/15  Surviving the Inescapable Homework / Homework Help: Time Management

Presenter: Andrill Harris

This workshop will address how to help your child develop good homework habits.  Information will be helpful to both the parent and the child.  It is important to continue education at home to assist with learned academics during the school day.


10/22/15  Take Me Away: Stress Management for Caregivers

Presenter: Michele Livingood

Stop by to learn various stress relief techniques, as well as activities you can do with your child to help relieve stress.


10/29/15  Conflict Management

Presenter: Tiffanee Gale

A group discussion on the 4 common approaches to conflict and the pros and cons of each.  Participants will identify the approach they use the most and investigate its effect on their lives.  Finally, participants will learn and practice a new approach.


11/5/15  Baby Brain is Real!

Presenter: Kristy Charnock

Come learn about the crazy ways becoming a parent changes your brain. The task of being a parent is one of the most joyous and draining experiences. This training will take a look at how the mind and body change during child raising. And more importantly will offer support and excellent solutions for self-care.


11/12/15  Recognizing signs of Depression in Youth

Presenter: Lisa Gilliam

This workshop will provide some general information about depression and symptoms that parents and other individuals can be aware of while working with youth.  It will also mention some information about suicide prevention statistics and facts.


11/19/15  Setting Boundaries

Presenter: Carol Redding

Parents will learn how to set limits and create boundaries with your child. Parenting strategies to accomplish successful discipline will also be addressed.


12/3/15  Communication Skills

Presenter: Morgan Cohen

Caregivers will learn how to identify and communicate feelings effectively.  Presenter will teach tips on basic communication skills to help them communicate feelings and teach their children how to identify and communicate their feelings.


12/10/15  A Parent’s Guide to Building Developmental Assets

Presenter: Elaine Overton

Parents will be introduced to the 40 developmental assets and building blocks for healthy youth development.


12/17/15  Building Self-Esteem in Children

Presenter: Kiyona Eldridge

Healthy self-esteem is feeling good about yourself, and feeling that you are a worthwhile person. While we all have self-doubts at times, it is important for children to feel okay about themselves most of the time.